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Soffio 360 Mist Fan in use in outdoor commercial alfresco dining.

Soffio 360 Mist Fan



Cooling, Misting, Humidity and Climate Control, Greenhouse Humidification

Product Highlights

  • 360° diffusion allows six times more coverage than traditional line systems
  • Perfect for both cooling and humidification in closed or semi-open spaces
  • Ceiling mount or combine with cantilever/market umbrella
  • Operates with high pressure mist pump

Areas of Application:

Alfresco Area
Barrel Rooms
Home Patio
Outdoor Areas
Rooftop Bars
Wine Cellars


Mist Fan 360 - Ceiling Mount Centrifugal Misting Fan

Ceiling fan with 360 degree misting provides you with cool and dry air.

Mist Fan 360 is the perfect way to provide reliable and consistent cooling for indoor or semi-outdoor areas, even in high humidity areas. The mist fan design allows uniform distribution of the fog making it suitable for use in the hospitality industry, plant nurseries, timber storage areas, wine cellars and barrel rooms where humidification and climate control are required.

360° radial diffusion of microscopic water droplets covers an area of 6 metres in diameter (30²) lowering the temperature by up to 15 degrees without wetting people or objects.

Versatile design allows mounting from a ceiling or you can combine it with a cantilever/market umbrella.    

A high pressure (60 bar) pump is required for misting, purchased separately. For best evaporation and to create a cool, refreshing oasis consider teaming Mist Fan 360 with Fog APP, Premium ECO or Fog EXTRA misting pumps.    

Technical Details
Diameter (mm): 300mm
Nozzles: Stainless Steel ring of 6 anti-drip mist nozzles, sized to your geographic location
Oscillation: 360º
Throw Distance (m): Approximately 5m
Area Coverage (sqm): 30m2
High Pressure Pump: Operates with Pump Series Sierra MKII, Premium or Industrial PRO according to your job requirements

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