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Fresh Produce Misting System

Sierra Series Fog MKII



Cooling, Misting, Humidity and Climate Control

Product Highlights

  • Perfect for medium sized areas - 6 - 50 nozzles 
  • Programmable Cyclic Timer
  • Quiet, low noise operation
  • Low water automatic shut-off
  • Anti-drip feature

Areas of Application:

Fresh Produce Display and Storage

Sierra MKII Series Fog Pump

for systems from 6 up to 50 fogging nozzles

Perfect for outdoor cooling these units are designed for use in Residential and light-Commercial applications. Built with price in mind, Sierra MKII Series have all the features of our professional pumps without sacrificing quality.

Also recommended for humidification applications such as fresh produce misting, greenhouse climate control for orchids, mushroom propagation using work and pause time control.

Driven by single-phase motors and with flow rates from 1-1.5 litres/min to 2.5 -3 litres/min, they are ideal for use in small to medium fogging applications. 

Professional installation or complete DIY instructions are provided.  

Simply connect to CoolMist slip-lock line system, misting fans, or a combination of both. 


Technical Details
No. of Nozzles: 6-20
Pressure (bar): 70bar
Flow Rate (L/min): 1.2,2.4L/min
Power Absorbed (kW): 250,375W
Pump Features:
  • QES: Quiet engine system with less than 60dB(A) noise rating. Recommended for areas where low noise and smooth operation is essential.
  • TIME: Programmable work setting secs/mins and pause setting secs/mins (motor OFF). All models supplied with built-in analogue timer to let you set the mist spray “ON/OFF” cycle based on the existing ambient temperature.
  • ADS: Automatic anti-drip system prevents dripping between cycles and after shut-off.
  • Heavy duty pump, 3 ceramic pistons, with brass head
  • Pump operating pressure: 70 bar (1,000 psi)

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