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RENEW - Cat litter deodoriser

RENEW - Cat litter deodoriser



Odour Control

Product Highlights

  • Neutralises high ammonia stench
  • Keeps your house smelling fresh
  • Litter stays drier
  • Formulated from natural plant extracts
  • Safe to use around pets, people and the environment

Areas of Application:

Veterinary Clinics

 Oh-so-Fresh RENEW Cat Litter Deodorising Granules - Keep your litter box odour-free!

Love your cat but struggling with the strong odour that emits from the kitty litter no matter which brand you use. RENEW cat litter odour removal additive allows you to enjoy your cat in your home without struggling with the smells that come from the kitty litter.

RENEW Cat litter deodorising granules is an additive that helps keep your cat's litter box odour-free, clean and fresh.  Specially developed to absorb, neutralise and encapsulate offensive cat litter odours. A small amount of RENEW fast acting odour neutralising granules added to your kitty litter is all that is required to eliminate the high ammonia odour. The granules high absorbent rate ensures the litter stays drier, smelling fresher and allowing easier clean-up and disposal.

Technical Details
How is it applied?

To use, simply add 15g of RENEW cat litter odour neutralising granules in regular and scoopable cat litter boxes. This natural, safe and non-hazardous product neutralises tough cat urine and fecal odour that ordinary litters struggle with, all without adding pollutants to the air you breathe.

RENEW can be used with any litter material (clay, scoopable, natural, unscented) to give extra odour protection to the litterbox between changes.

Litter dosage rate: 15 grams

For Use On: Urine
Pet Odours

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