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Premium Series FOG 60 Extra Mist Pump System

Premium Series Fog 60 EXTRA



Cooling, Climate Control, Odour Control, Greenhouse Humidification, Dust Suppression, Landscape and Special Effects

Product Highlights

  • Small to medium areas - 6 - 70 nozzles
  • Remote control
  • New safety system detects pipe breakage 
  • 24/7 work mode 
  • Easy connection to sensors
  • Solutions: Cooling, Humidification, Odour Control

Areas of Application:

Beer Garden
Bird Aviaries
Butterfly Enclosure
Cooling Animal Enclosures
Dog Kennels
Film Studios
Horse Stables
Mechanical Workshop
Music Video Fog Effects
Rainforest Effects
Rooftop Bars
Sport Stadiums

Premium Series High-pressure pump

for systems from 6-70 fogging nozzles

Compact and versatile, complete with remote control and new safety system. This series of “Made in Italy” professional high pressure pumps are designed to satisfy all misting and fogging requirements in small and medium sized areas. 

Fog 60 EXTRA is an effective solution for a wide range of applications: climate control and humidification, dust suppression, odour control, outdoor cooling and fog effects.

Complete with remote control for ON/OFF and settings for fan and mist, work/pause times. Ideal for mist line, wall mount fans, or use with CoolMist 360° fan fogging systems. This series of high pressure pumps provide uniform and constant water atomisation with flow rates ranging from 1 litre/min up to 6 litres/min.

Constructed from high quality components for efficient, robust and long-life operation. Premium Fog 60 EXTRA design and versatility make them the ideal choice for professional commercial and small industrial fog systems.

Technical Details
No. of Nozzles: 6-70 nozzles
Pressure (bar): 60bar
Flow Rate (L/min): 2, 4 or 6L/min
Power Absorbed (kW): 0.72, 0.95, 1.18W
Pump Features:

Axial motor pump with three ceramic coated steel pistons, brass head, integrated by-pass valve, electric motor 1450rpm

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