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Fog ECO misting pump for small to medium size areas

Premium Series Fog ECO


Product Highlights

  • Perfect for small areas from 6 up 20 nozzles
  • Cyclic timer for mist "work" / "pause" times
  • Automatic pump protection due to lack of water

Areas of Application:

Home Patio
Small Greenhouses

Premium Series Fog ECO

Compact and versatile, the Premium Fog ECO is the ideal way to bring refreshing coolness to your outdoor spaces, whether it is a verandah, courtyard, or a gazebo. 

Install Fog ECO Series pumps with CoolMist SMART-lock high-pressure line, wall fans or 360-degree Mist fans for a discreet and flexible solution. 

Fog ECO is recommended as an extremely effective solution for any small area that needs outdoor cooling, humidification or special effects.

Manufactured from high quality components, CoolMist Fog ECO Series pumps are designed to satisfy all requirements in small and economical misting systems, with the same reliable performance and standard of a heavy-duty professional high pressure pump.

We provide professional installation or alternatively we can package the system for Do-it-Yourself complete with instruction manual. 

Technical Details
No. of Nozzles: 6-20
Pressure (bar): 60 bar
Flow Rate (L/min): 0.5 L/min, 1 L/minL/min
Power Absorbed (kW): .125 (kWh), .200 (kWh)W
Pump Features:

Axial motor with 2 ceramic pistons complete with by-pass valve, low water or no water supply shut - off switch, thermal overload protection on electric motor. 

Recommended Accessories:
    Smart mist line solutions
  • H.P. polyamide tube
  • AISI 304 stainless steel line
  • AISI 316 stainless steel line
  • Fog nozzles, connectors and specialised fittings

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