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Premium Series Advance PRO
Premium Series Advance PRO with radio remote control.

Premium Series Advance PRO


Cooling, Misting, Greenhouse Humidification, Landscape and Special Effects, Humidity and Climate Control

Product Highlights

  • Ideal for small to medium sized areas, 10 - 75 nozzles
  • Digital Cyclic Timer
  • Quiet, low noise operation
  • Variable water flow
  • Anti-drip feature
  • Low water automatic shut off switch

Areas of Application:

Aged-Care Facilities
Alfresco Area
Barrel Rooms
Beer Garden
Home Patio
Outdoor Areas
Plant Nurseries
Plant Propagation
Recreation Areas
Rooftop Bars
Theme Parks and Ride Special Effects
Urban Projects

Premium Series Advance PRO Misting Pump

Simple and effective the Advance PRO professional high-pressure pump responds to small and medium size area requirements. Equipped with radio remote control and digital management, the operator can adjust the mist flow to the varying weather conditions as needed. 

The Advance PRO pump can be connected to both fans (ventilation) and in-line cooling systems with the mist spray frequency set and controlled by the in-built digital cyclic timer. 

QES: Quiet engine system (less than 50dB) provides low noise and smooth operation for both residential and commercial applications. 

TIME: Programmable work setting secs/mins and pause setting secs/mins (motor OFF). Supplied with an in-built cyclic digital timer to let you set the mist spray "ON/OFF" cycle based on the existing ambient conditions. 

ADS: Automatic anti-drip system prevents dripping between cycles and after shut-off. 

Professional installation or complete DIY instructions are provided. 

Advance PRO versatility simply connects with CoolMist SMART-lock high pressure lines, misting wall fans, or with Panorama 360 Mist Fan. 

Technical Details
No. of Nozzles: 12-75
Pressure (bar): 70 - 105 barbar
Flow Rate (L/min): 1 - 6 L/mL/min
Power Absorbed (kW): 0.92kW/hW
Pump Features:

Axial pump with 3 ceramic coated pistons, electric motor 900 RPM, 230V-50Hz, 9A

Recommended Accessories:
    Smart mist line solutions
    • H.P. Polyamide tube
    • AISI 304 stainless steel line
    • AISI 316 stainless steel line
    • Fog nozzles, connectors and specialised fittings 

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