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Oscillating Mist Fan 600mm
Oscillating Mist Fan 600mm

Oscillating Mist Fan 600mm



Cooling, Humidity and Climate Control

Product Highlights

  • Powerful, efficient and refreshingly cool, wall mount mist fan - 600mm diameter
  • Mist ring in stainless steel with 6 nozzles
  • 30 degree tilt and 90 degree oscillation
  • Adjustable fan speeds to cater to your required level of cooling
  • 9 metre throw
  • Best atomisation when operated with a high-pressure mist pump

Areas of Application:

Alfresco Area
Beer Garden
Day-Care Centres
Mechanical Workshop
Outdoor Areas
Plant Nurseries
Sport Stadiums
Staff Break Areas
Tyre Fitting Business

CoolMist Oscillating Mist Fan 600mm provides effective and much needed airflow and cooling power for hot spaces. 

A super-fine refreshing mist is dispersed over a wide area of coverage immediately cooling your venue, warehouse or workshop to provide cool relief during the sweltering days of summer. 

When combined with one of our industry leading high pressure misting pumps the additional wind chill effect lowers the ambient temperature by up to 15 degrees Celsius. The integrated system offers the best atomisation and creates an instant cool zone. In particular, a single high pressure pump can be used to power multiple fans and manage mist "work" and "pause" times. 

Available in ivory white powder coat finish. 

Mist fan systems are essential for providing powerful and refreshing cool air to semi-indoor and outdoor areas even on the hottest of days! 

Technical Details
Diameter (mm): 600mm
Nozzles: 6
Oscillation: 90 º
Head Tilt (º): 30 º
Throw Distance (m): 9m
Area Coverage (sqm): 80 m2
High Pressure Pump: Compatible with Pump Series Advance ECO, Advance PRO, Premium or Industrial PRO range, matched according to your job requirements.

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