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Oscillating Mist Fan 450mm White Side View

Oscillating Mist Fan 450mm



Cooling, Misting, Greenhouse Humidification, Humidity and Climate Control

Product Highlights

  • Wall mount mist fan - 450mm diameter
  • 5 nozzle mist ring - stainless steel
  • 30 degree tilt and 90 degree oscillation
  • 8 metre throw
  • Cools and refreshes areas up to 50m2
  • Operates with high pressure mist pump

Areas of Application:

Beer Garden
Home Patio
Indoor Areas
Outdoor Areas
Rooftop Bars

CoolMist wall mount oscillating mist fan (industrial rated) provides effective and much needed airflow and cooling power for hot spaces.

5 misting nozzles mounted on a stainless steel mist ring on the fan face disperse a fine mist over a wide area of coverage immediately cooling your warehouse or alfresco area.

Combined with one of our industry leading high-pressure pumps, Sierra MK or Premium Fog Series, you'll feel a significant reduction in the ambient temperature by up to 15º Celsius even on the hottest of days!

The mist fan features 3 speeds, quiet operation and completely sealed with 30 degree and 90 degree oscillation. Available in long-lasting Ivory White powder coat finish. 

The integrated system, ventilation and high-pressure misting, offers the best evaporation and cooling to create an instant cool zone with no residual moisture in both hot dry and humid climates.

Essential for refreshing semi-indoor and outdoor areas such as nightclubs, bars, hotel courtyards, outdoor restaurants, alfresco dining, home patios, workshops, and factories.

Technical Details
Diameter (mm): 450mm
Nozzles: 6 anti-drip fog nozzles
Oscillation: 90º
Head Tilt (º): 30º
Throw Distance (m): 8m
Area Coverage (sqm): 50m2
High Pressure Pump: Operates with Pump Series Sierra MKII, Premium or Industrial PRO according to your job requirements

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