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Industrial PRO Fog 70 Ambiente - Greenhouse Use

Industrial PRO Fog Ambiente



Cooling, Climate Control, Odour Control, Greenhouse Humidification, Dust Suppression, Landscape and Special Effects

Product Highlights

  • Small to medium areas - 5 - 170 nozzles
  • Variable pressure and flow rates as required
  • Integrated humidity and temperature probe
  • Ideal for multiple area/room set-ups
  • Solutions: Cooling, Humidity and Climate Control, Odour Control

Areas of Application:

Music Video Fog Effects
Outdoor Areas
Plant Propagation
Rainforest Effects
Theme Parks and Ride Special Effects
Urban Projects

Industrial PRO Fog 70 Ambiente for fogging systems from 5-170 fog nozzles

High-technology and electronics bring you a leading-edge fogging system. The interactive and responsive system detects temperature and humidity levels through sensors placed in the environment to transform from a humidity and climate control device to an innovative cooling system.

The Ambiente control panel automatically adjusts the volume of water pressurised and atomised proportional to the temperature and the humidity level detected by the sensors of the environment. At saturation point the system will automatically stop, the system will start up again as the temperature rises and the environment relative humidity decreases.

Extremely efficient for cooling and climate control, for greenhouses and outdoor areas such as bars, restaurants, poolside terraces, night clubs and theme parks.

The control unit is complete with integrated humidity and temperature probes for humidification programs, dust control and outdoor cooling. An optional dosing kit is available for odour control and is designed to activate directly by the control panel using the aroma program.   

Industrial PRO Fog 70 Ambiente can run between 1 and 8 individual lines with the optional master board. This allows the possibility of operation in several different zones.  

CoolMist offers complete tailored systems with customised controls to suit to your specific needs. 

We provide professional installation and after sales service and back-up. 

Technical Details
No. of Nozzles: 5-170 nozzles
Pressure (bar): 30-70bar
Flow Rate (L/min): 0.3-1, 0.8-2.7, 1.1-3.8, 1.7-5.6, 2.4-8L/min
Power Absorbed (kW): 1.5, 2.2W
Pump Features:

High pressure professional pump, 3 ceramic pistons, brass head, electric control panel complete with variable frequency drive.

Recommended Accessories:
  • H.P. Polyamide tube
  • AISI 304 stainless steel line 
  • AISI 316 stainless steel line
  • Fog nozzles, connectors and specialised fittings

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