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Atmosfera 90 Portable Mist Fan Dimensions

Atmosfera 90




Product Highlights

  • Free-standing mist fan
  • Stylish, unique design
  • 450mm fan diameter, 6 nozzle ring
  • On-board high pressure mist pump
  • 50 litre tank, up to 16 hours misting 
  • Colour: Base - Anthracite, Fan - Alpine White
  • 'Special Order Only'
  • Ideal for events, poolside, terraces,cafes, bars.

Areas of Application:

Alfresco Area
Outdoor Areas
Sport Stadiums


Atmosfera 90 – 18” Portable Mist Fan

Stylish and unique design incorporating a portable high pressure mist fan cooling system.

Sun and weather resistant, the Atmosfera 90 is particularly suitable for cooling outdoor events, beach resorts, pool sides and in the workplace indoors and out.

Thanks to the rotating fan and on-board misting system, a pleasant and refreshingly cool mist is spread over the area.

The Atmosfera 90 produces a cloud of ultra-fine mist that evaporates within seconds of contact with hot air removing the heat quickly and effectively. The natural exchange of hot air to cool provides a reduction in temperature by as much as 15 degrees Celsius without wetting floors or surfaces.

A remote control allows you to manage ON/OFF operation of the fan and misting component. The fan can be used independent of the misting system for occasions when only ventilation is required.

Long-lasting and low maintenance, the programmable high-pressure misting fan stands an impressive 2.3 metres tall. The mist fan’s base in powder-coat steel is hard-wearing and can complement most outdoor decor. Alternatively, it can be branded with sponsor advertising as an added benefit to your business. 

In Australia's hot climate, the Atmosfera 90 is the perfect solution to keep your workers and your customers cool, even on the hottest of days. 

Technical Details
Diameter (mm): 450mm
Nozzles: 6 anti-drip fog nozzles
Oscillation: 90º
Throw Distance (m): 8m
Area Coverage (sqm): 50m2
Tank Size (L): 50L
High Pressure Pump: On-board pump, 60 bar, with Analogue timer to set “Mist work” and “Mist Pause” cycles

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