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ABSORB PLUS Pet - Liquid Absorbent and Odour Neutraliser

ABSORB PLUS Pet - Liquid Absorbent and Odour Neutraliser



Odour Control

Product Highlights

  • Fast acting absorbent with odour neutraliser
  • Absorbs up to 300% its own weight
  • Lifts urine, faeces and vomit from surface for easy clean-up
  • Fully bio-degrable & environmentally safe
  • Formulated from natural plant extracts

Areas of Application:

Veterinary Clinics

Oh-so-Fresh PET ABSORB Neutralising Granules


Biohazards such as animal fluids and waste are turned into easily removed odourless residue with PET ABSORB concentrated granules.

The powerful and effective granules soak up nasty spills and other odorous accidents that can happen with pets. Sprinkle on the spill, leave to absorb and then cleanup. No residue, no smell!

Formulated with a proprietary blend of natural plant extracts and granulated corn, it is completely safe for use around humans, animals and for the environment.

 Handy Hint: Great for outdoor use on pet toileting areas to dramatically reduce odour

Technical Details
How does it work?
  • Easy and fast clean-up
  • Fast-Acting! Absorbs up to 300% its own weight
  • Quickly contains and absorbs putrid liquid, vomit and faeces
  • Neutralises odour immediately
  • Safe and natural means zero harm to people and animals
  • Easy-to-use - just sprinkle over affected area
  • Effective on hard surfaces & carpets
  • Fully bio-degradable and environmentally safe
How is it applied?

    Apply directly on affected area, sweep up and dispose of properly.

    Spray with Oh-so-Fresh RELIEF directly to the affected area for extra odour protection if required.

For Use On: Incontinent Accidents
Pet Odours
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Available size: 1 kg bottle

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