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ABSORB PLUS - Odour Neutraliser and Liquid Absorbent

ABSORB PLUS - Odour Neutraliser and Liquid Absorbent



Odour Control

Product Highlights

  • Fast acting absorbent with odour neutraliser
  • Quickly contains nasty accidental spills
  • Lifts putrid liquids and solids
  • Effective on hard surfaces and carpets
  • Natural plant extracts, 100% safe

Areas of Application:

Aged-Care Facilities
Day-Care Centres

Oh-so-Fresh ABSORB PLUS Neutralising Granules

    Biohazards such as human body fluids and waste are turned into easily removed odourless residue with ABSORB PLUS concentrated granules.

    A fast acting absorbent with a powerfully effective odour terminator that quickly destroys and neutralisers putrid odours. 

Technical Details
How does it work?
  • Directly soaks putrid liquids
  • Fast-Acting! Absorbs up to 300% its own weight
  • Neutralises odour immediately, your environment regains a natural freshness
  • Safe and natural - formulated from natural plant extracts
  • Effective on hard surfaces & carpets
  • Fully bio-degradable and environmentally safe
  • Non-staining, non-toxic, non-corrosive
How is it applied?

Apply directly on affected area, sweep up and dispose of properly. Spray with Oh-so-Fresh RELIEF directly to the affected area for extra odour protection if required.

For Use On: Spills
Body Fluids
Organic Waste
Additional Products and Options:

Available size: 1 kg bottle

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