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A-JET TWG Mist Cannon Self Contained Dust Suppression System on Trailer

A-JET TWG 40 Mist Cannon



Dust Suppression, Odour Control

Product Highlights

  • Self-contained dust control solution
  • Industrial atomising system
  • Throw 35 - 40 metres
  • Low pressure or high-pressure option
  • Options: 330 degree oscillation, Remote Control
  • Solutions: Dust Suppression, Odour Neutralisation

Areas of Application:

Aggregate Operations
Bulk Material Handling
Coal Handling Plants
Industrial Sites
Mine Sites
Outdoor Areas
Steel works
Stock Piles

Mobile dust control solution

Supplied with a robust, twin axle trailer chassis, A-JET TWG mist cannons have a 5,000-litre water tank (10,000L available) and a generator on-board. These units are best utilised when there is no local power or water supply available. If you have local power and/or water supply readily accessible, a standard A-JET A series Mist Cannon is a more cost-effective solution.

The water tank and electric generator are placed low which makes it possible for the mist cannon to operate 350° and remaining a very compact unit.

A-JET TWG series cannons are also available as self-contained SKID/TRUCK mounted units. The mist cannon and generator are mounted on a mobile water tank. Units are fitted with fork pockets and can be moved by a wheel loader or fitted to a truck and easily moved between job sites.

Remote control operation

The wireless remote-control handset option allows control of the A-JET TWG Mist Cannon from a distance supporting Health and Safety Regulations.

Environmentally friendly Dust Control Solution

A-JET® Mist Cannons are designed with the environment in mind and feature a two-stage-water-saving function and an optional db(A) reducing silencer. The filtration system also allows the unit to utilize recycled water. Low power consumption and far less water use than common water spray systems means these dust suppression cannons are an environmentally friendly and economical dust control solution.

Why are A-JET® Mist Cannons selected for dust control?

  • Remote control operation
  • Lower noise emissions
  • Low water usage
  • Ease of mobility
  • Robust, modular and reliable

Mist Cannon wide range of uses

Dust types ranging from coarse wood chip to ultra-fine incinerator ash can all be abated by A-JET Mist Cannons.

Discuss your dust control options with our expert team, call 1300 266 564.

Technical Details
Maximum Throw (m): 35-40 linear metres
Oscillation: Oscillation through either 15°, 30°, or 60°
Control Panel: Start/Stop
Tilt up/down
Oscillation left / right
Auto oscillation on / off
Oscillation area setting
Emergency Stop: YES
Optional Extras:
  • Wireless remote control
  • Dosing pump for additives
  • Fan barrel with noise reduction
  • Winter Kit
  • Automatic Oscillation 330 ̊ & Timer function with touch screen
  • Misting System Low Flow - Fine Mist
  • 70 bar pump with 5-60 micron droplets Flow 8 LPM - Pump 1,5 kW - Filter 60 micron
  • Extended operational time of generator
  • Larger fuel tank
  • Higher water flow rates available on request

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