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AJET A50 Mist Cannon

A-JET A50 Mist Cannon



Dust Suppression, Odour Control, Cooling

Product Highlights

  • Industrial atomising system
  • Standard oscillation 15, 30, 60 degrees 
  • Adjustable vertical tilt -10 to +50 degrees
  • Throw 15 - 60 metres
  • Low pressure or high pressure option
  • Options include: 330 degree oscillation, Remote Control
  • Solutions: Dust Suppression, Odour Neutralisation

Areas of Application:

Aggregate Operations
Bulk Material Handling
Construction Sites
Mine Sites
Scrap Yards
Steel Mills
Steel works
Stock Piles

A-JET® Mist Cannon Dust Suppression Systems

A-JET® A50 mist cannon range is built to suppress dust over large areas before it disperses into the environment.

Designed for better efficiency and low water output the A-JET® mist cannons powerful aero-dynamic fan projects a plume of finely atomised water droplets (optimized to the right size) into the air encompassing a wide area and providing extremely effective dust suppression.

Large area Dust Suppression with fog cannons

A-JET® A50 Series units can propel mist from 15 metres (with VSD option), up to 60 linear metres. When fitted with 330 degree automatic oscillation, maximum ground coverage can be up to 7,200 m² from a single location, ideal for all round dust control on industrial sites and mine sites.

The fine water mist generated by the units have a droplet size between 10-150 microns with a mean droplet size of 70 microns to provide the optimum conditions to capture and suppress dust particles. Finer droplet sizes can be achieved with the addition of a high-pressure misting pump.

With electric elevation and automatic oscillation mist is distributed over large areas. 

The adjustable flow rate allows you to manage the volume of water to suit the application requirements and reduce water consumption.

The machines are equipped with a robust steel chassis with fork lift points for ease of transport on site. The wheeled trailer option allows greater mobility on the work site.

Remote control operation

The optional radio frequency remote control operates all the machine functions from a distance of 100 metres.

Environmentally friendly Dust Control Solution

A-JET® Mist Cannons are designed with the environment in mind and feature a two-stage-water-saving function and an optional db(A) reducing silencer. The filtration system also allows the unit to utilize recycled water. Low power consumption and far less water use than common water spray systems means these dust suppression cannons are an environmentally friendly and economical dust control solution.

Why are A-JET® Mist Cannons selected for dust control?

  • Remote control operation
  • Lower noise emissions
  • Low water usage
  • Ease of mobility
  • Robust, modular and reliable

Mist Cannon wide range of uses

Engineered and manufactured for industrial use, the A-JET A50 mist cannon is ideal for use at mine sites, quarry operations, tunneling and roadwork projects. Placed strategically near dust sources on ground or at heights, the fog emitted by the cannons can suppress a range of dust types.

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Technical Details
Maximum Throw (m): up to 50-60 linear metres
Area Coverage (sqm): up to 7,200
Oscillation: 15, 30, 60
Vertical Tilt (º): -10 / +50
Control Panel: Start/Stop
Tilt up/down
Oscillation left / right
Auto oscillation on / off
Oscillation area setting
Water Flow (L/min): 20-40 (Higher rates are available on request)
Emergency Stop: YES
Optional Extras:
  • Wireless remote control
  • Variable throwing distance
  • Electric Swivel - Unlimited rotation!
  • Wheel set with three wheels
  • Dosing pump for additives
  • Fan barrel with noise reduction
  • Automatic oscillation 330 ̊ & Timer function with touch screen
  • WALL & TOWER mounted editions
  • Misting System Low Flow - Fine Mist 70 bar pump with 5-60 micron droplets
  • Flow 8 LPM - Pump 1,5 kW - Filter 60 micron
  • Salt Water Package available
  • Winter Kit available

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