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A-JET X15 Mist Cannon

A-JET X15 Mist Cannon



Dust Suppression, Odour Control, Cooling

Product Highlights

  • Industrial atomising system
  • Standard 350 degree oscillation
  • Adjustable vertical tilt
  • Throw 15-20 metres
  • Low pressure or high pressure option
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Solutions: Dust Suppression, Odour Control

Areas of Application:

Demolition Sites
Indoor Areas
Industrial Sites
Manufacturing Plants
Outdoor Areas
Recycling Facilities
Waste Handling
Wood Processing

A-JET® X15 Mist Cannon Dust Suppression and Odour Control System

A-JET® X15 mist cannon is built on the same robust and compact frame as the X35. A powerful and effective solution to dust control for all types of dust in mining and quarrying, demolition, steel and slag, aggregate handling, waste transfer and wood processing.

The A-JET® X15 is also an effective means for odour control. When fitted with the optional dosing pump CoolMist industrial odour neutraliser is released into the fog stream, the tiny droplets capture and block odour molecules reducing the overall concentration of odour emissions from manufacturing processes. 

Conveniently connected to a standard single phase 230V wall socket (16A), the X15 has low power consumption and is the obvious choice when power is limited. 

The mist cannon has a throw from 15 to 20 lineal metres. Automatic oscillation up to 350 degrees distributes high volume fog to cover a maximum area of 1,220 square metres.

Water mist generated by the A-JET® X15 mist cannon has a droplet size between 10-150 microns and mean droplet size of 70 microns. Finer droplet sizes between 5-60 micron can be achieved with the addition of the 70 bar high pressure misting pump. 

Features include automatic main valve, manual elevation -20/+60 degrees and automatic oscillation. Fork lift points for ease of transport on site. A pole option is also available for permanent installations. 

CoolMist A-JET® X15 mist cannon is an effective means for odour control. Fitted with a high-pressure mist pump and optional dosing pump for additives, the precise amount of odour neutraliser is automatically dispersed to form large molecular aggregates called micelles. This creates an osmogenic barrier which rather than mask the offensive odour/s neutralises, cancelling them out and making them imperceptible to the human nose.

Osmogenic barriers have proven to be the most successful solution to treat diffused emissions by reducing odour concentration well beyond 75%.

Remote control operation

All machine functions can be operated with the optional radio frequency remote control. This allows you to run the working process with only a few buttons from up to 100 metres away.

Why are A-JET® Mist Cannons selected

  • Remote control operation
  • Lower noise emissions
  • Low water usage
  • Ease of mobility
  • Robust, modular and reliable

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Technical Details
Maximum Throw (m): 15-20 linear metres
Oscillation: 25° - 350° in steps of 25°
Control Panel: Start/Stop
Oscillation left / right
Auto oscillation on / off
Water Flow (L/min): 15-25
Emergency Stop: YES
Optional Extras:
  • Wireless remote control
  • Dosing pump for additives
  • POLE mounted (no fork pockets)
  • Misting System Low Flow - Fine Mist
  • 70 bar pump with 5-60 micron droplets
  • Flow 8 LPM - Pump 1,5 kW - Filter 60 micron
  • Salt Water Package available
  • Winter Kit available

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