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A-JET A150 Mist Cannon Robust Dust Control System Close Up

A-JET A150 Fog Cannon



Dust Suppression

Product Highlights

  • Industrial Atomising System
  • 3 point oscillation (standard) 15, 30 60 degrees
  • Adjustable vertical tilt -10 to +50 degrees
  • Throw distance up to 150 - 200 linear metres
  • Low pressure
  • Options: 330 degree oscillation, Remote Control
  • Solutions: Dust Suppression

Areas of Application:

Aggregate Operations
Bulk Material Handling
Coal Handling Plants
Mine Sites


A-JET A150 Mist Cannon Robust Dust Control System

A-JET A150 mist cannon is built for effective and efficient dust control over wide areas.

Designed for better operational efficiency the A-JET®  Mist Cannons are equipped with an industrial atomising system and powerful aero-dynamic fan.  The mist cannon projects a steady water spray consisting of billions of micro-fine droplets (optimised to the right size) into the air. The micro-fine mist encompasses a large aerial surface area and agglomerates with fugitive dust particles to prevent them from being dispersed into the environment.

Large area dust control solution

A-JET A150 dust control cannons are ideal for outdoor all-round dust suppression. A single A-JET A150 mist cannon can propel mist up to 200 linear metres and when fitted with 330-degree oscillation, the powerful fan can disperse the fog stream over an area up to 65,000m2.

An adjustable water flow rate allows management of the water volume to suit the intensity of dust present and reduce water consumption.

Engineered and manufactured for industrial use the machines are equipped with a robust steel chassis with fork lifts for ease of transport on site.

Remote control operation

All machine functions can be operated by a radio frequency remote control, which allows you to run the working process with only a few buttons. The wireless remote-control handset option offers safe work practice by allowing the user to operate the  A-JET A150 Mist Cannon from a distance of 100 metres.

Mist Cannon Smart Technology

AJET® A150 fog cannons can be combined with CoolMist Automatic Dust Control System (ADC). Information based on weather, dust and wind movement sensors is communicated to the ADC. The centralised system automatically adapts the mist cannons operation and trajectory according to the conditions detected. 

Environmentally friendly Dust Control Solution

A-JET® Mist Cannons are designed with the environment in mind and feature a two-stage-water-saving function and an optional built-in silencer. The filtration system also allows the unit to utilize recycled water.

Low power consumption and using far less water use than common water spray systems the dust suppression cannons are an environmentally friendly and economical dust control solution.

    Why are A-JET® Mist Cannons selected for dust control?

    • Remote control operation
    • Lower noise emissions
    • Adjustable water flow
    • Ease of mobility
    • Robust, modular and reliable

Mist Cannon wide range of uses

Engineered and manufactured to withstand harsh conditions the A-JET® A150 mist cannon suppresses many dust types ranging from coarse wood chip to fine ash. 

The dust fighting cannons can be strategically placed near dust sources such as haul roads, open tipping areas or loading areas, stockpiles, tunneling and roadwork projects. 

Technical Details
Maximum Throw (m): Propels fog stream up to 200 linear metres linear metres
Area Coverage (sqm): Up to 65,000 sqm when fitted with 330-degree oscillation
Oscillation: Oscillation through either 15°, 30°, or 60° from any point across a 330° range
Vertical Tilt (º): Adjustable -10 /+ 50
Control Panel:
Tilt up/down
Oscillation left / right
Auto oscillation on / off
Oscillation area setting
Water Flow (L/min): 30-70 (adjustable), higher flow rates on request. Adjustable flow rates provides effective water management to suit the intensity of dust present and reduce water consumption.
Emergency Stop: YES
Optional Extras:
  • Remote Control wireless hand- held, (min range 100m metres at free line of sight)
  • Electric Swivel
  • Automatic turning system 330° with touch screen

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