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AJET 35S Fog Cannon Used on Outdoor Industrial Site

AJET 35S-RBT Fog Cannon



Dust Suppression, Cooling

Product Highlights

  • Industrial atomising system
  • Rotation field 360 degrees
  • Range 30 - 35 metres
  • Low pressure
  • 3 wheel trailer
  • Solutions: Dust Suppression, Cooling

Areas of Application:

Building Demolition
Bulk Material Handling
Construction Sites
Demolition Sites
Manufacturing Plants
Scrap Yards
Steel Mills
Waste Handling

A-JET35S Dust Suppression System

Portable fog cannon suited to indoor and outdoor job sites. 

Using an industrial atomising system and powerful turbo fan, the mist cannon projects a steady water spray consisting of billions of micro-fine droplets.

Specially designed fog nozzles emit a fine mist of water droplets capturing airborne dust particles driving them to the ground, helping you adhere to the strictest air quality standards. Fugitive dust particles can also be contained at the source.

Large area dust control:

The powerful fan disperses the fog stream to 35 metres, with the 360-degree rotation field providing area cover from 2,500 to 3,077 square metres in the absence of wind.

The mist cannon hydraulic arm extension provides operational flexibility adjusting to the height requirements at the work site. 

Standing at 3 metres and equipped with a 2.3 metre arm, the spray cannon can span to 5.4 metres high. This allows the fog stream to reach considerable heights when needed. 

Supplied on an off-site 3 wheeled trailer, the AJET35S mist cannon is easily transported and positioned around the work site.

Remote control operation:

All machine functions can be operated by a radio frequency remote control, which allows you to run the working process with only a few buttons. The remote control option allows the user to operate the A-JET35S RBT cannon from a distance of 100 metres. 

Environmentally Friendly Dust Control Solution 

Using far less water than common water spray systems and with low power consumption, operation of the mist cannon is extremely economical and kind to the environment.

Why are A-JET® Mist Cannons selected for dust control?

  • Remote control operation 
  • Adjustable water flow
  • Low water and power consumption
  • Ease of mobility on the work site
  • Robust and reliable

Mist Cannon Wide Range of Uses:

Engineered and manufactured to withstand harsh conditions the A-JET35S mist cannon suppresses many dust types from coarse wood chip to fine ash. 

The mist cannons can be placed strategically near dust sources such as stockpiles, building demolition, tunneling and roadwork projects, haul roads, port loading plants, iron and steel plants

Technical Details
Maximum Throw (m): 30-35 linear metres
Area Coverage (sqm): 3,800 at 360 degrees in the absence of wind
Oscillation: 360
Vertical Tilt (º): -15 / + 50
Control Panel: Start/Stop
Tilt up/down
Oscillation left / right
Auto oscillation on / off
Work/Pause Setting
Water Volume
Operation Start/Stop Finish Time
Area Exclusion Zone
Water Flow (L/min): 20-120
Emergency Stop: Yes

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